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   Department of Nephrology

Assistant Professor
Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal
Head of the Department
Sr. Registrars
Dr. Anjum Shahzad   Dr. Sajid    
Dr. Fainan   Dr. Adnan Ahmad Zafar    


The department of Nephrology at LGH is one of the emerging units in Lahore. It was started in October 2016 as a separate department under the supervision of Dr. Augangzeb Afzal and leadership of Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab. Since the this unit continue to lead the way of improving patient care.

It comprises of 12 inpatient beds and 34 bedded HD units which is providing state of the art medical care for our nephrology patient. Nephrology unit is also providing 24 hour, emergency service as well as HD facility for sick patient.

The department is also performing renal biopsy and inserting temporary dialysis Catheter under ultrasound guidance on regular basis. This is the only unit in public sector which is offering service of permanent Catheter insection.

There are regular academic activities in this unit which include classes of HD technician, regular academic rounds, weekly classes for postgraduate trainees and journal club. Extensive research program is being carried out in this department. Nephrology unit is seriously and effectively working with urology department to carry out renal transplant in LGH which will soon be started. We have 7 publications this year and 5 more in the pipeline. Although a new department with a lot of challenges, it has very dedicated and effective team under leadership of Dr. Aurangzeb Afzal and are determined to make this unit on of the best kidney care providing unit in Pakistan. Aim is to initiate CRRT, CVVHD, CAPD plasmapheresis under nephrology department.


Hemodialysis unit at Lahore General Hospital was 1st established in 1985, with just two dialysis machines. Further machines were later on added to pool and by the end of 2012, the number of functional machines were sixteen. Later sixteen more machines were provided to the unit by some philanthropist, increasing the number of machines to thirty two(32).

As there was no nephrology unit ,so it was initially run under care of urology department. As nephrology services are mandatory for the running of dialysis centre and to handle patients of nephrology in LGH,thus a NEPHROLOGIST was appointed in LGH in 2015. Initially outdoor and indoor calls services were started Later a 12 bed area was also allocated to start indoor services . With growing needs LGH had reached to a verge where an independent nephrology department was required for handling the nephrology patients in LGH hospital and dialysis centre to provide much demanded facilities to the public.

Keeping in view this inevitable necessity of LGH,A PC1 for state of the art Nephrology ward was submitted. Immediately afterwards nephrology department claimed its recognition as CPSP/UHS/PGMI approved training facility. Now we have the third largest hemodialysis unit in Punjab which is maintained with inevitable assistance of Nephrology Department.

There is a staggering increase in the number of patients per year.There are two reasons for that:

1) The catchment area population of General hospital has almost tripled in the last one decade.

2) The number of patients of Chronic kidney disease are multiplying each year.

The need of the hour is to treat these patients with kidney diseases and prevent them from going to long term haemodialysis. This will not just be a service to patients of this region, it will also help to decrease the financial burden on the government in the future.The approximate expenditure on a patient of dialysis per month is almost fifty thousand. These patients can only be treated properly and prevented from going to longterm haemodialysis if our team have enthusiastic and realistic goals and resources.

Present Status:

Currently we are providing services of nephrology to patients and statistics show that the trend of patients seeking nephrology consultation is increasing in LGH day by day.

  • Haemodialysis
  • Procedures
  • Emergency services
  • OPD services in morning and evening
  • Call services of nephrology in LGH
  • Inpatient services

MSDS & Infection Control:

The standard operating procedures according to “MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET' "as laid down by health care commission are implemented in Nephrology department according to all available resources. The core aspects have been addressed and the lagging areas are being worked out to implement MSDS in its true spirit.


  • Central veinous catheter
  • Temporary double lumen catheter
  • Permanent double lumen catheter
  • Renal biopsy
  • Peritoneal dialysis catheter.
  • Seminar arranged for infection control in nephrology department

Awareness of safety measures and implementation of safe clinical practices are being highlighted as an ongoing process in health professionals and public

Departmental Activities:

Curricular activities:

  • Academic classes of doctors ,technicians and nurses
  • Journal club
  • Daily Rounds of Ward and Dialysis Center


  • Procedures
  • Morning Evening OPD
  • Calls Attendance from Hospital
  • Emergency Services


  • World Kidney Day
  • PSN conference
  • CAPD conference

Co-curricular activities:

  • Doctor of the month
  • Wall of research

Extra curricular activities:

  • Iftar in Sacred Month of Ramazan
  • Tea club
  • Cricket match Planned in near future

Future goals:

Establishment of satellite dialysis rooms on surgical and medical floors with round the clock supervision of nephrologists Expansion of OPD facilities In future we are looking forward for induction of faculty and residents. There is also a need for increase in strength of beds to cope up with the patient turnout. The PC1 awaits approval to expand Nephrology department into one of the state of the art facility in Lahore. We are working in Laison with pathology department to establish in-house histopathology of renal biopsy samples To strive for gain of resources and spread awareness in our department specifically and in LGH in general for implementation of MSDS in its true spirit. Facilitation of Post Graduate trainees by accumulation of resources that are helpful in their academics. Arrangements for clinical rotations of upcoming medical students in nephrology.




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Friday 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Outdoor)
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PGMI / AMC / LGH oganizing its 8th Annual Symposium.

Organizing Secretary:
Prof. Agha Shabbir Ali
Head of Department of Pediatrics
PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore.

Patron & Chairman:
Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab
Principal, PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore.

Venue: 5th Floor, PINS, LGH, Lahore
Date:  26th - 27th - March 2017.




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