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Medical Social Miscellaneous

Name Designation Age Sex Blood Group
Shahida Security Guard 25 F O+ve
M. Suleman Ward Attendant 30 M B+ve
Tanveer Hussain Naib Qasid 32 M A+ve
M. Waqas Security Guard 22 M B+ve
Majeed  Supervisor 30 M A+ve
Ashraf Supervisor 29 M A+ve
M. Ismail Chowkidar 59 M O+ve
M. Naveed Anjum Ward Attendant 26 M B+ve
Mushtaq Masih Sweeper 50 M O+ve
Sh. M. Munir D/W Labour 24 M O+ve
Arif Masih S/G-I 56 M O+ve
Toqeer Abbas Security Guard 28 M A+ve
M. Javaid Tailor 35 M O+ve
Parvaiz S/W 30 M O+ve
Naeem Masih S/W 30 M A+ve
Javeed S/W 38 M A+ve
Saqib Rasheed AC Technician 23 M O+ve
Chand Masih S/W 28 M B+ve
Kiran Chand S/W 24 F A+ve
Kala Masih S/W 50 M B+ve
Barkat Masih Security Guard 45 M A+ve
Abdul Ghafoor Ward Attendant 42 M AB+ve
Toqeer ------- F/T 18 M B+ve
Mashooq Ali Baildar 39 M B+ve
Khushi Muhammad   45 M B+ve
Sarafat   20 M B+ve
  45 M B+ve
M. Liaqat Naib Qasid 50 M O+ve
Hameed Tall Ward Cleaner 45 M A+ve
Younas Barkat Mashki 45 M O+ve
M. Rafique Naib Qasid 52 M AB+ve
Anwar Abid Naib Qasid 30 M O+ve
M. Habeeb Gardner 50 M O+ve
Naimat Ali Ward Attendant 36 M B+ve
M. Nadeem Ward Attendant 28 M A+ve
Shahid Hussain Ward Attendant 38 M B+ve
M. Akram  Naib Qasid 24 M B+ve
M. Ijaz Ward Boy 25 M O+ve
M. Ahsan Tailor 26 M A+ve
Haseeb Ward Attendant 35 M A+ve
M. Aslam Naib Qasid 33 M B+ve
Sheda Yaqoob Security Guard 29 F O+ve
Abid B/S 28 M O+ve
Ghulam Sakina G/R 35 F A+ve
Shazia O/T 28 F A+ve
Maryam Sweeper 29 F O+ve
Parveen G/O 23 F O+ve
Adnan Ward Boy 24 M O+ve
Boota Masih Ward Attendant 52 M A+ve
Samsal Masih Sweeper 21 M A+ve
Amir Sweeper 18 M O+ve
Amjad Ward Attendant 49 M O+ve
Nasir Sweeper 30 M O+ve
Sharifan Bibi Ward Boy 50 F B+ve
Younas Barkat Sweeper 26 M O+ve
Naziran Ward Boy 45 F B-ve
Wailat Bibi Sweeper 50 F B+ve
Zareena Sweeper 36 F O+ve
Balqees Bibi Aya 40 F B+ve
Jaims Ward Cleaner 30 M B+ve
Nasreen Sweeper 29 F O+ve
Farooq Ali Ward Attendant 25 M O-ve
Waheeda Yousaf   52   B+
Kishwar Sutana   43   A+
Taseem Mushtaq   47   B+
Surryia Parvez   38   AB+
Javeriya   39   O+


Polio Drops Timings
08:00 AM to 01:00 PM (Outdoor)
Friday 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Outdoor)
If someone asks money through Omni or etc services
All these things ar Bogus & Fraud
PGMI / AMC / LGH oganizing its 8th Annual Symposium.

Organizing Secretary:
Prof. Agha Shabbir Ali
Head of Department of Pediatrics
PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore.

Patron & Chairman:
Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab
Principal, PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore.

Venue: 5th Floor, PINS, LGH, Lahore
Date:  26th - 27th - March 2017.




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