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 Department of Medicine

The department of Medicine consists of three units. The three units work in synchronicity to  give specialized health care in gastroenterology, internal medicine and neurology. The department handles an active endocrine and metabolic outpatient clinic workload with equally busy GI and liver outpatient clinic. The infra-structure of the departments consistsapprox. 180 beds, 60 for each specialty. It also has a 40 seat auditorium with audiovisual aids and connected to the endoscopy room for live display of endoscopy procedures. In order to facilitate the teaching and training of students, the department has a library equipped with medical journals, textbooks of medicine, gastroenterology, hepatology and endocrinology. The department also has a state of the art GI endoscopy unit and a motility laboratory providing comprehensive GI endoscopy services and a high resolutionmotility and pH studies of upper and lower GI tract.

 The neurology department has recently established an EEG facility and provides ancillary support to neurosurgical patients.

 The department is conducting four post graduate structured residency training programs approved by CPSP and UHS, namely FCPS Medicine, FCPS Gastroenterology, FCPS neurology and MD Medicine. OPD and emergency days are allocated 2 per week to each subspecialty namely neurology, gastroenterology and endocrinology with a patient turnover of over 250 per week.


Faculty Unit I



Prof. Ghias-un-Nabi Tayyab
(Prof. of Medicine)
Head of the Department

Associate Professor
Dr. Israr-ul-Haq Toor        
Assistant Professors
Dr. Ghias-ul-Hassan   Dr. Bilal Nasir   Dr. Muhammad Asif Gul
Sr. Registrars
Dr. Shafique   Dr. Abdul Qadir   Dr. Asif Mahmood


Faculty Unit II


Associate Professor
Dr. Muhammad Imran Hassan
(Associate Professor)
Head of the Department (Unit II)
Assistant Professors
Dr. Maleeha Hameed       Dr. Fatima Hamdani

Dr. Kashif Aziz Ahmad        
Sr. Registrars
Dr. Muhammad Maqsood        
Dr. Fahad Rashid       Dr. Ali Rasheed


Faculty Unit III



Prof. Farah Shafi
(Prof. of Medicine)
Head of the Department (Unit III)
Associate Professor
Dr. Raffad        
Sr. Registrars
Dr. Amdad Ali       Dr. Bushra


Polio Drops Timings
08:00 AM to 01:00 PM (Outdoor)
Friday 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Outdoor)
If someone asks money through Omni or etc services
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PGMI / AMC / LGH oganizing its 8th Annual Symposium.

Organizing Secretary:
Prof. Agha Shabbir Ali
Head of Department of Pediatrics
PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore.

Patron & Chairman:
Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tayyab
Principal, PGMI / AMC / LGH, Lahore.

Venue: 5th Floor, PINS, LGH, Lahore
Date:  26th - 27th - March 2017.




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