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Clinical and Administrative Staff Meetings.

In light of the Govt. instructions, meetings of Clinical and Administrative Staff of the hospital were used to held, under the chairmanship of the Principal, on regular basis. In the meetings joint strategy against the Dengue chalked out and reviewed on regular intervals.

Administrative Staff Meetings.      

2012                  20

2013                  04

Secretary          01

DEAG                02


 High Dependency Unit (HDU) and allocation of beds.

HDUs have been established in Medical Unit-I, II. HDUs in Medical Unit-III and  Peads are under-completion. These have been provided with all necessary equipments and human resource.

(Beds/Wards will be specified and notified as and when required)


Diagnostic facilities have been ensured in Pathology and Radiology Departments. 16 Blood Analyzers are ready and arrangement for NS-I test and serology (IGg, IgM) have been made.

 Blood Bank

Blood Bank staff has also been taken on board. They used to participate in each meeting. They have ensured Blood Grouping/Cross matching and availability of Blood Bags, FFP etc.

Awareness Campaign

Banners (10x3), Flaxes (6x4), Flaxes ( 4x2), Booklet, Broacher  and  Posters  

Provided, posted and distributed to the public and relevant Departments.

 Web Site

In larger public interest, a web site carrying every information regarding Dengue, in Urdu and English has been launched.

It also carries technical information regarding diagnosis, treatment and DEAG recommendations for doctors and other healthcare staff. The Govt. of the Punjab, Health Department approved diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines can be viewed, downloaded and get printed from the site.

Official E-mail along with other contact numbers are available for interaction.

A Facebook page has been created and linked with the hospital site ( for two way interaction.


Larva Surveillance

Larva Surveillance Team has been notified on 21-03-12

Mapping of potential breeding sites is regular feature of DCC. Report on potential larva breeding sites is conveyed to Admin and Works departments to be cleared on priority.


City District Campaign                     22-05-2013

4 Team Larva mapping  of potential breading of LGH 


Following medicines required for spray have been arranged from City District Govt.

Delta Matherine                       04 drums

Tem Phos (liquid)                     8 liters

Tem Phos (granules)                5 Kg

*On March 29, 2013 spray of insecticidal medicine was started and all the premises of the hospital has been sprayed.


Chief Pharmacist has ensured that the Pharmacy Department has arranged all the needful medicines to be used for treatment of Dengue Fever patients.


I80 Mosquito nets are available in store

All the store incharges have been directed to ensure availability of relevant inventories, i.e. medicine, stationary, Lenin, etc.

Dengue Counters

Counters for Dengue patients have been established and duties of doctors/lady doctors have been assigned.

OPD (Main Building)




(Ground floor)


Download Patients Detail Report

Patient Details Report (01.01.2013 to 31.08.2013)

Patient Details Report (01.09.2013 to 23.09.2013)


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